August 23, 2019 rcadmin

5 Ways to Work from Home Smarter not Harder


Working remotely – either once a week or full-time – can be great for employees and employers alike. Statistics show that employers that allow teleworking have seen an improvement in employee retention and morale.  Remote work allows employees to improve their work-life balance and spend less time commuting and more time being productive which is a win-win for everyone.

Remote work is far from being a fad and looks like it’s here to stay. So, whether you’re currently looking for or just landed a remote position – we have a few recommendations to make the best of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Get Ready to Work

Wake up early, get ready, have a healthy breakfast and be ready to show up to your office – even if your office is in a corner of your living room. Establishing a strong morning routine will help you start the day the right way.

Ditch the Pajamas

You might think that one of the biggest perks of working from home is to work in your cozy pajamas. However, your attire can affect your performance and drive while on the clock. Be sure to get ready as if you were meeting with your coworkers or customers – even if you’re not! Of course, we think you can ditch the high heels or tie!  

Set up a Designated Workspace

A designated workspace can be different depending on your living situation. Whether it’s the entire guest room or a desk in your tiny home, set up a designated space just for work. Keep your desk clean of clutter and separated from leisure areas. If you live with roommates or partners,  establish solid boundaries with them as well. Let them know that even though you are at home, you’ll be unavailable while on task. A good trick is to put on your headphones as an indicator that you’re busy.

Communicate & Collaborate with Coworkers

One of the cons of working remotely is the lack of communication between coworkers and managers. Remote workers report feeling lonely or disconnected from the rest of the on-site team. Talk to your managers about the best forms of communication in the workplace. Many companies utilize online instant messaging systems such as Slack or Quip to keep in touch with their team.

Stick to the Schedule

The flexibility that comes with remote work can be a double-edged sword and sticking to a work schedule can be difficult. After all, you’re surrounded by all the things you love: your TV, video games, snacks, and your cozy bed.

It can be tempting to sleep an extra hour or take a long lunch, but these habits can quickly defeat the purpose of teleworking. Be responsible, be present and put in the work. The benefits of working from home are worth it!