March 24, 2019 rcadmin

Nature in your Backyard

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Green Gate Farms & Village Farms “Agrihood” allows for sustainable living in East Austin

For the resident that dreams of a simple life and tranquil morning walks even amongst one of the fastest growing cities in the state, Green Gate Farms and Village Farm Tiny Home Community have joined forces to bring the “agrihood” lifestyle to our very own Austin, TX.

Cultivating communities

Green Gate Farm is one of Austin’s few certified organic, community-based farms. The history of the family-run farm traces back to 2006 when Erin Flynn and her husband, Skip Connett, moved to the property. For more than a decade, Erin and Skip have worked hard to provide the best quality organic produce, eggs and flowers for the community. Flynn and Connett also funded the nonprofit, New Farm Institute, an organization that focuses on agricultural education for the younger generations. Visit the Green Gate Farms website to learn more about their community involvement and events.

A vision for the future

We are very excited to collaborate with Green Gate to create a one of a kind community focused on farm living and sustainability. The Tiny Home agrihood will allow its residents to live within walking distance from locally grown produce store, schools and community gardens while living just minutes from Downtown Austin, making this neighborhood the best of both worlds.