June 14, 2019 rcadmin

Tiny Living Hacks You Need to Know


Outdoor Living Space

Be sure to maximize your outdoor living space when you embark in tiny living. Utilize your deck or porch by taking some activities outside such as drinking your morning coffee, practicing Yoga or reading your favorite book. A tiny home might feel at times confining so enjoy your outdoor space!

Choose a Tiny Home with a Loft

Adding a loft to your home floorplan can help you maximize your space and provide an extra private room to read, sleep, or use as storage.  Lofts can be above your kitchen, living room or bathroom area! Reading nooks when living tiny? Why not!

Utilize that Tiny but Useful Space Under the Stairs

Don’t let that space under the stairs become dead space. Maximize the space by converting that area into an extra storage space, decorative corner or even your pet’s sleeping area! Whatever you decide to do, the little space under the stairs can add an interesting touch to your tiny home without sacrificing the space in your living room.

Let there be light

When choosing or building your tiny home be sure to include large windows or sunroofs to make your home appear larger. Natural light in your home will also decrease your consumption of energy and mold buildup.

Sliding Doors

Finally – use sliding doors to hide clutter.  You’re Welcome!

Going tiny can be challenging, but these simple hacks can help you become an expert tiny resident. We are excited to show you around our dynamic community in East Austin. Contact us if you are ready to live BIG by going tiny!