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Tiny things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint!

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Every year on April 22nd the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our planet while educating and creating awareness of environmental issues. At Village Farm Tiny Home Community, we believe that everyday should be Earth day, and we strive to make our community environmentally friendly and sustainable. These small changes can help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste, just in time for Earth Day.

Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs!

Buy yourself a stainless-steel reusable water bottle and coffee mug and not only will you cut your waste significantly but you’ll also save your hard-earned money. On average, Americans spend $260 per month on plastic bottles and around $100 per month on coffee (depending on your coffee habits).  Not to mention that reusable water bottles and coffee mugs usually come in sleek designs. Carry your reusable containers with you at all time and reduce your waste, save money and look cool. I mean, that’s a winner!

Search for items with less packaging at the grocery stores

A 2015 study estimated 15 TRILLION of plastic trash is in the ocean! Tiny changes in the way we do our shopping can make a big difference for our planet. Replace the plastic bags with a cute reusable grocery bag , avoid prepackaged items at the supermarket and opt for buying bulk items. Less plastic = less waste.

Move in to a Tiny Home (or make your home’s footprint “tinier”)

Tiny homes are on average 399 sq. ft. homes that are energy efficient, cut the utilities consumption in half and invite you to live a more simplistic lifestyle. You don’t think you can commit to a tiny home? Don’t worry! You can make your home’s footprint “tinier”. Small things like turning off the lights when you’re no using them, taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth can make a huge difference.

Support Local Businesses

Big box and chain grocery stores are convenient, we are not going to argue that. However, your local farmers use healthier more organic practices that are better for the environment and for the consumer. Visit your local farmers market, shop for coffee, clothing or food at local companies. By supporting local businesses not only are you reducing your carbon footprint you are also supporting entrepreneurs of your community.

There you have it, tiny changes that make a world of a difference. Want to learn more about our community and how we are committing to sustainability? Visit us today!

Happy Earth Day!

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