Village Farm Resident Featured in Tiny Home Tours

We are so excited that one of Village Farm’s residents was featured in Tiny Home Tours. Pamela shows how she made 399 square feet work for her lifestyle and how mementos from her travels, family heirlooms and plants helped her decide which floorplan to choose.

Pamela explains that her love for travel and desire to lower her overhead cost inspired her to go tiny! Here at Village Farm, she is still able to have her own space and display her cherished pieces of art and décor when she isn’t traveling.

Her floorplan includes space for a washer, dryer and full size appliances. With a loft space that she uses as her bedroom, she was able to convert the bedroom downstairs as an office space and spare bedroom for guests. In her loft master bedroom she is able to fit a king size bed for her and her large dog.

The large front porch was also a huge factor for Pamela, who enjoys being outside as much as possible and connecting with her neighbors. When she first moved in, she splurged on a huge outdoor ceiling fan for her porch to help beat some of the Central Texas heat!

Pamela also discusses the exhilaration and challenges she faced in transitioning from a traditional home to a 900 square foot apartment and finally into her tiny home here at Village Farm! She had to decide what was really important and essential.

We are so happy to have Pamela here at Village Farm and hope her story can inspire others on their tiny home journey!